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Specialize in Metal Stamping

With more than 20 years experience, we are the specialist in metal stamping and manufacturing most kinds of metal components, such as: progressive stamping mold and finished products, precision metal work parts & accessories. Our products meet ISO9001-2000 & are suitable for all industries, like: computer, watch, video system, hi-fi equipment, camera, lighting, battery box, electric appliance, toys and etc.

Customer's own design and inquiry are welcome.

We specialize in :

※ Progressive Stamping Mold & Finished Products
※ Plastic & Metal Accessories, Electric Appliance Parts, Battery Box Parts
※ Precision Metal Work Parts & Accessories
※ Mini Parts, Advance Treatment, Lathe Shaped, Watch Case Back, Mount & Cover
※ BEZEL, Computer Housing, Audio Housing & Hanger
※ Forging, Precision Forging, Pressed Metal, Pressing & Punching
Machine Items
※High speed precision presses (10-160 Tons)
※ Leveler and cradle
※ Auto feeding reel cradle
※ "KENT": Pad-printer
※ Vibratory finishing machine
※ Tapping machine
※ "Mitsubishi" wire EDM machine
※ "Castek" super drill EDM machine
Machine Items
※Precision surface grinding machine 400X800 (Full Auto Saddle Type)
※ Bench lathe
※ Upright drilling machine
※ Drilling machine
※ Vertical milling machine
※ "Baty" optical projector
※ IBM computer (Cad/Cam system)
※ IBM computer

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